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Programs and Initiatives at WE Hub are created to enable capable and committed women changemakers to start, sustain and scale enterprises.

What we offer to our entrepreneurs

Business Development Consultation & Mentorship
WE HUB with its partners offer essential entrepreneurial and management courses and programs to hone the skills to stimulate innovation and sustainability. Partners and mentors help build a culture of continuous learning and innovation, resilient business models, project planning, people management and risk assessment.
Marketing Assistance
WE HUB offers marketing support to early stage, as well as established startups to help them improve marketing and positioning of their competency. Get connected to programs that help you in broadcasting products and services through various channels innovatively and iteratively to increase your market presence.
Compliance & Tax Assistance
WE HUB offers compliance services to registered users to enable them with necessary tools which help them adhere to their duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as register their enterprises, furnish accounts, apply for loans, IPR, license counselling.
Funding and Financial Assistance
Funding is a key problem area for women entrepreneurs looking to launch or scale their venture in India. WE HUB will actively help startups with credit linkages and helps identify schemes/subsidies that startups can operationalize and provides advice on different sources of funding such as equity, debt.
Community & Networking
The goal of WE HUB is to build a robust network of women entrepreneurs to enable an ecosystem of support, learning and collaboration. WE HUB and its partners leverage the community module on their social channels and several offline networking events to enable these connections.

The Entrepreneur Journey

Every entrepreneur goes through the above stages as they scale in their journey. To support this growth, WE Hub offers the following programs to entrepreneurs:

Pre-Incubation Program

A 12-week program to enable entrepreneurs to move from an idea stage to building of a prototype. Under this program entrepreneurs are given support to analyse their idea through market research, analysis of competitors and key stakeholders and product market fit.

Incubation Program

A 6-month intervention model that enables entrepreneurs to move from validating their idea in the market to generating early revenues. Under this initiative, entrepreneurs are supported with testing the market and facing customers, developing their product, accessing financial linkages, and establishing a unit/enterprise formally.

Acceleration Program

A 3–6-month intervention that focuses on enabling entrepreneurs to scale their business through increased market linkages and external investments, with a ultimate focus on growth and sustainability.