Inspiration usually comes from our surroundings and for 19-year-old Anuhya that came from her father — having seen him toil for long hours to make one ornament. Born and brought up in Karimnagar, this second year BSc Statistics student always wanted to help her father and his peers, who are into handmade gold ornaments.

She wants to set up smaller jewellery manufacturing units wherein the workers can use modern machinery to make the same ornaments in less time. “Since my childhood I have seen my father work day and night to make these gold ornaments. Sometimes, a single ornament would take about two days to make. That is why I thought about doing something that will reduce their burden. I learnt about an institute in Pune that trains people on how to make laser cutting machines which will reduce the time taken to make the ornaments,” said Anuhya.

Post training, the Telangana girl came back to her district to help the 1,000-plus people who are still making ornaments by hand. She plans to set up smaller manufacturing units employing 3-4 people in each unit and provide the machinery to the goldsmiths that require the services. Anuhya is the youngest entrepreneur of Project Her&Now, which is a collaborative effort of WE-Hub with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.