The objective of the program is to focus exclusively on start-ups/enterprises at ideation stage, where an entrepreneur having a potential innovative idea can be leveraged into a proof of concept (POC) or a minimum viable product (MVP) by catering them with necessary technical support and right mentoring or by creating right platform for networking, while preparing him/her for understanding the technical feasibility of the idea proposed.


Our work is primarily in the fields of providing access to technical, financial, government and policy support required to enterprise, scale up and accelerate with global market access, to all women entrepreneurs in the country

Business Acceleration Training


Access To Network

Facilitating Credit Linkages

Product Market Fit

Increased Market Linkages

Enabling Statutory Compliances

Sector Exposure Visit


1)  Any women from Tier-2/3 region of telangana, who wants to set up a for-profit enterprise.

2) Has been running an informal enterprise/is part of a group enterprise and now wants to start up on her own OR have an idea (need not be fully implemented) and is keen to develop her idea into a sustainable business.

3) Has 51% or more ownership/stakeholder in the idea/business.


"Social /Impact Program"

“Suvidha” is a program that fosters Women Entrepreneurship in its truespirit, by consciously broadening the societal definition of “entrepreneurship”


"Urban Entrepreneurship Program"

“UPsurge” is a Pre-Incubation for Aspiring entrepreneurs across India to support in translate their ideas into sustainable business models.

FICCI Greater 50%

FICCI-FLO Greater 50% is a mega mission initiated by FICCI FLO to SUPPORT, EMPOWER AND INSPIRE women in all walks of life with special focus on enhancing entrepreneurial and decision-making skills of women through various offerings

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