WE Hub in partnership with the Australian Consulate General, Chennai is implementing a pre-incubation program for nascent entrepreneurs aiming to establish an enterprise. The 12-week program will provide the required tools for entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into sustainable business models.


To mitigate the drop off rate and to reduced percentage of women entrepreneurs hesitating to enter entrepreneurship, a pre incubation program is being proposed. Pre-incubator is a risk-reduced environment where entrepreneurial ideas are pre-filtered for market viability thus helping to avoid greater costs and failures of setting up new company in the further phases of business development. The program will play a key role in providing different forms of assistance to nascent entrepreneurs in the idea development stages.


Our work is primarily in the fields of providing access to technical, financial, government and policy support required to enterprise, scale up and accelerate with global market access, to all women entrepreneurs in the country

Business Acceleration Training


Access To Network

Facilitating Credit Linkages

Product Market Fit

Increased Market Linkages

Enabling Statutory Compliances

Sector Exposure Visit


"UPsurge" is a 3 month pre-incubation program that focuses on inculcating the knowledge of entrepreneurship and assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in developing their business models 

Call for Applications

Program Launch

Cohort 2 is expected to be launched with 60 aspiring entrepreneurs.


Graduation of 2nd Cohort of entrepreneurs in the pre-incubation program

Applicant Profile

  • 1.   Ideas from women-led teams only will be supported meaning the women entrepreneur must be the 51% stakeholder in the company.
  • 2.   The applicant should have a new idea, aiming to solve an existing problem, and be marketable.
  • 3.   This program supports only entrepreneurial projects and not enterprises that have been registered.

Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur?