Over the last several years RAMKY Enviro has embraced responsibility for its actions that has a positive impact on stakeholders and communities that serve across the country with key focus on women empowerment, skill development, education, Health & Natural Resource Management. As a part of their CSR journey, RAMKY Enviro associated with WE Hub to support aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs from semi-urban and rural regions of Telangana under this Pre-Incubation program



The objective of the program is to ensure that potential women entrepreneurs are given the needed guidance to transform their ideas into established business enterprises. The entrepreneurs will undergo the required technical support and mentoring for the ultimate assessment of the feasibility and potential viability of their ideas.



Our work is primarily in the fields of providing access to technical, financial, government and policy support required to enterprise, scale up and accelerate with global market access, to all women entrepreneurs in the country

Business Acceleration Training


Access To Network

Facilitating Credit Linkages

Product Market Fit

Increased Market Linkages

Enabling Statutory Compliances

Sector Exposure Visit


"Project Suvidha" is a 3 month pre-incubation program that focuses on inducting the essentials of entrepreneurship. The first Cohort of is kicked off with 60 aspiring and early stage women entrepreneurs from 23 districts of Telangana. Upon graduation from 12 week graduation program startups will receive a certification and successful startups will be selected for long-term incubation at WE Hub incubator for an additional 6 months


WE Hub – RAMKY Partnership.

Program Launch

Cohort 1 launched with 60 entrepreneurs.


Graduation of 1st Cohort of entrepreneurs in the pre-incubation program

Points to be noted

* The program timelines are tentative and may vary with respect to Indian and Worldwide holidays as designated by the Government.
* Content of the program may vary with respect to the availability of national and international experts.
* Selected startups are required to attend the full course of the pre-incubation program. Insufficient attendance may lead to termination.

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