As companies, big, small and tiny, struggle to find their feet in the midst of the Covid-19 mayhem, WeHub, an exclusive incubator for women entrepreneurs, is going about the incubating differently — by helping start-ups fine-tune their business strategies to tap newer opportunities unfolded by the pandemic.

For example, it helped an education player it was incubating, Radius Edutech, to go beyond e-delivery of academic content to schools and colleges and develop a video-conferencing offering — which the incubator put to use for its second round of start-ups to incubate.

As it allowed staff to work from home once lockdowns were announced, WeHub initiated the process to recruit start-ups for its second cohort.

After calling for applications and funnelling them, it picked 62 start-ups (out of the 223 applications) for the final pitches.

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