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Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs
If you are a woman-led enterprise determined to have a societal impact, this is for you.
From start-up to a scalable business in 6 months.
Community Slate is an energy-packed 6-month accelerator program for entrepreneurs such as you. The program helps women-led social enterprises scale up into self-sustaining businesses through constant skilling, mentoring, and market support.
GET the required skills.
SET the right goals.
GO make an impact.
Networking and Partnerships for success.
Networking and Partnerships contribute fundamentally to the success of new startups, as it facilitates inter-organisational interactions and the efficient transformation of technology or knowledge in commercialised products or services.
Who is eligible?
Social entrepreneurs with existing startups, products, or services.
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You are eligible if you are an enterprises…
- With a team of at least 2 or more experienced female co-founders working full time for the venture.
- With a woman holding 51% or more equity in the company.
- Are delivering impact in southern India.
- Are leveraging Technology.
- Have a financially sustainable business model.
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The community is ours, and the slate yours.
The program gives you access to a resourceful community of gate-openers, industry leaders, domain experts and successful social entrepreneurs, that you can approach to solve any business challenge faced.
Build the next big social enterprise
It's your turn to make
an impact
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