Our work is primarily in the fields of providing access to technical, financial, government and policy support required to enterprise, scale up and accelerate with global market access, to all women entrepreneurs in the country

“I can Fly” is an initiative by WE HUB which is designed to enable
participation of Young Girls in the Economy. The target of the program is to create future evangelists by
ensuring consistent engagement of the young girls by pushing the conversion ratio and query rate

Understanding the need to bring women into the economy, WE Hub conducts
several initiatives to promote women in the workforce. In this regard, WE Hub and P&G have come together
to begin a concentrated movement – “Women in Manufacturing”

The Government of Telangana’s Women Entrepreneurs Hub (WE Hub) has partnered
with VMware India to empower women entrepreneurs and technologists with VMinclusion Taara – an upskilling
program for women who are currently not working or are on a career break.

P&G partnered with WE Hub to launch “BizArena”. BizArena is a launchpad
program to integrate start-ups into P&G’s Smart Factory initiative. The best suitable solutions will
be incorporated into the P&G Factories globally.

“Suvidha” is a program that fosters Women Entrepreneurship in its true
spirit, by consciously broadening the societal definition of “entrepreneurship” across geographical
boundaries operational capacities, and economic strata.

WE HUB has partnered with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für International
Zusammenarbeit GmbH) under the name of ‘Project Her & Now’ to promote and scale up aspiring and existing
women entrepreneurs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions of Telangana State.

The Direct Aid Program is an accelerator program run by WE Hub along with
the Australian High Commission aimed to help women-led social enterprises scale up into self-sustaining