WooBloo delivers Personal Assistant services available on a simple phone call. They can help you book or orders across 12 services including but not limited to Booking Cab, Ordering Food, Ordering Medicines, Bill Payment, Flight, Bus and training tickets, etc.

V-PACT is a web-based portal formed to provide Flexi based /Part time and assignment-based employment opportunities for women, who have professional skills, but are unable to take up full time employment.

The Period Hub is an exclusive platform bringing together healthy, eco-friendly and easy-to-use Period Wellness Alternatives for urban women and girls.

Silr is a platform to aggregate personal care services that connect salons and beauticians to customers via an e-marketplace that is convenient for customers and provides businesses with a platform to engage with customers directly.

Restyro has invented a machine which can convert thermocol (PS) into a fabric using orange peel. The portable machine significantly reduces the volume of the thermocol and produces a fabric which has commercial potential for usage.

Nurture Fields helps farmers convert their excess produce in to value added products with higher shelf life by sun-drying the vegetables. They aim to cater to the retail & B2B segment by promoting to the convenience of the product.

NexRea delivers customized training solutions for Healthcare, K-12 Education, Manufacturing and Entertainment industries using a proprietary platform based on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies.

Newzling aims to create and disperse a children’s Newspaper to make news-reading for children informative and engaging. It will include current news, local and international. The format has been created to specifically cater to children, with the help of experts from the Education Industry.

Newtrion aims promoting new age fun foods & green living. They have developed a range of snacks using all-natural ingredients like dates, dry fruits, jaggery and berries to provide a health-conscious alternative for conventional snacks.

MysticAura aims to be an established brand of essential oil blends and individual oils that improves awareness of aromatherapy, mental and emotional health of consumers and provides an avenue for farmers to earn by producing floral and medicinal herbs