The primary objective of WE HUB is to enable women entrepreneurs to succeed in their start-ups or businesses by overcoming structural challenges. Through our primary activity, we plan to create an eco-system that drives social change across India and the world. WE HUB is envisioned to create a supportive community for aspiring women entrepreneurs where they can interact with VCs for funding, connect with corporates for scaling up their business, get advice from mentors to fine tune ideas, avoid costly mistakes, and march forward on the path to success with renewed confidence.

WE HUB is the first-of-its-kind and only State-run platform for Women Entrepreneurs. We help women from diverse backgrounds by providing a soft-landing hub and mentoring them to be successful in their entrepreneurial journey.

Women today face a lot of societal barriers when it comes to starting their own businesses. Some of them being lack of capital support, professional network, business knowledge & expertise, work- life balance. At WE HUB, we provide 360-degree support for any aspiring women entrepreneur. Services we provide include seed funding, mentoring, virtual programs (in case women can’t travel), business guidance, Government liaison which will help women establish their own enterprise.

Being a state led initiative, we offer our services at reasonable costs and in some cases no cost at all. Since empowering women and building women entrepreneurs is our priority, the state has offered exciting benefits for companies who want to be a part of this journey and partner with us.