14% of Indian researchers in STEAM fields are women, while the global average is 28.4%. Encouragement of girls to pursue and sustain careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) has gained worldwide attention. Further, even if women do pursue STEM fields, due to cultural and traditional impositions in a country such as India, women tend to face barriers to sustain their career paths. As a result of the disparity in these fields, a study revealed a startling statistic - 81% of Indian women in STEM perceive gender bias in performance evaluations.

Since its inception, WE Hub has witnessed this disparity first-hand – a low rate of women entrepreneurs and women in the workforce in these fields. In this light WE Hub has recognised the need to increase the pool of Women in STEAM fields. A recent survey concludes that perceptions of working in STEAM fields are built at an early level (from the ages of 12 – 19). There is an apparent need to sensitise and encourage school students on opportunities in the fields of STEAM.

Program Objective: Creating awareness on STEAM careers and engaging students with hands-on, real-world activities to ignite interest in STEAM fields

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